Chemist Researches The Authenticity Of Pomegranate Juice

You pick up a bottle of pomegranate juice at the store because you’ve learned that, although it costs more than most juices, it is replete with antioxidants that bring health benefits…

Ten Reasons to Consult a Registered Dietitian

Do you want to lose or gain weight? Are you pregnant, looking to become pregnant or just had a child? Are you looking for ways to maintain your health in your older years? Are you an athlete looking to boost performance? These are just a few of the reasons people seek the expert, science-based advice […]

Food as Medicine

Food as Medicine “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” – Hippocrates Obtaining or maintaining good health begins from the ground up. We can only be as healthy as what we choose to water and feed our body. Supplements vs. Food Do we really need to choose? The USDA has […]

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Balanced Diet – Balanced Life

Balanced MealsYou must have carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals salts and fiber in the correct proportions. If there is not enough protein, you will not be able to grow properly and you will not be able to repair yourself i.e. wounds will not heal properly. If you do not have enough energy containing foods you will feel very tired, you will not have enough energy. If you have too much energy containing foods you will become overweight. If you think that you are overweight you might try taking more exercise to “burn off” some of the excess food which you ate at you last meal.

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Super Foods for Super Nutrition

There is no questioning that fruits and vegetables are great for you, but do you ever wonder what makes them healthful and which ones are the best to eat? Superfoods are a group of whole foods, primarily fruits and vegetables, which have health benefits beyond other foods because of their super nutrient content. They are […]

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