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Maryam Malekian - Certified Dietitian

Maryam Malekian

Maryam Malekian, MS, RD

Nutrition Evaluation, Counseling & Education
Specializing in clinical Nutrition, Diabetes, Bariatric Surgery and Obesity
Healthy Lifestyle, Sports Nutrition, and Special Diets

Maryam Malekian, MS, RD is a board certified bilingual (Farsi) Registered Dietitian and health coach with a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science from San Jose State University. She is the founder and president of and specializes in clinical nutrition and counseling.

Maryam has a passion for helping individuals improve their health and lifestyles in a practical way that are supported by up-to-date science.  She is currently working as a registered dietitian at the public health department and the consulting dietitian with San Mateo County.

Maryam is also an elected nominating committee member of American Dietetic Association, and active member of United State Tennis Association.

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